The Dark Side of Etsy

I love Etsy for the unique items available there. Also, you can shop without leaving your gloomy manse, which is always a plus in my book of shadows. Here are just a few dark fashion finds.

Bloodmilk makes the kind of jewelry that looks like it ought to be enchanted or cursed. This ring uses a slab of oxidized silver in place of a jewel. The bird claw details add a surreal and morbid touch. This is the sort of ring that belongs on the finger of a fairy tale witch. Bloodmilk’s other designs feature tiny Ouija board planchettes in sterling silver, curved snake rib bone bangles, intricately detailed owl claws cast in blackened silver. Bloodmilk’s manifesto is worth reading for her explanation of how she combines “the beautiful with the bizarre.”  Visit Bloodmilk’s Etsy shop.

Lydia Sparrow Claw Cocktail Ring

Lydia Sparrow Claw Cocktail Ring

Bondage chic comes and goes, and it seems the time is now if you’ve been craving hardcore footwear tricked out with enough spikes to make Mad Max think twice. Blame/thank Lady Gaga perhaps. I don’t listen to her, but I do love the look of these repurposed shoes by Dinofleur. These black ankle booties bristling with spikes look viciously elegant. There is a look-but-don’t-touch feel to spiked footwear. Dinofleur also makes spiked flats. Take care when crossing your legs. Visit Dinofleur’s Etsy shop.

Spiked Heel Ankle Boots


A little handheld clutch is indisputably elegant. It’s not often that I can pull off a tiny purse. It takes assurance that all you’ll need this evening is another slick of black lipstick and a dab of powder. I keep notebooks, pens, perfume, three types of eyeliner and etcetera in my bag, so I can’t often compress into a tiny minimalist bag. This clutch by TianaCHE is making me reconsider that. I love the uneven texture and subtle sheet of nubby duipioni silk. The contrast of luxe silk and metal hardware makes this clutch gorgeous. It has a blood red satin lining that adds that extra goth chic mystique and makes it easier to find your black eyeliner. Visit TianaCHE’s Etsy shop.

Silver Skull Clutch

One Response to “The Dark Side of Etsy”

  1. Beautiful! I LOVE the skull clutch! Thank you so much for also featuring my shoes!

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