Review: Gorilla Perfume [part I]

I first got turned on to Lush by the ladies of the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab forums before I became more or less a total internet recluse. I’ve been hooked on their hippie smells for years now, and I was delighted to hear they were coming out with their own line of fragrances. If they could bottle the smell of the Lush shop, I’d apply it with a firehose. They currently have a sampler of the Gorilla Perfumes in what looks like an oversized matchbox. The scents included are Imogen Rose, Orange Blossom, Lust, Tuca Tuca, Karma, Breath of God, Vanillary and The Smell of Freedom.

So far, I’ve tried Lust, Tuca Tuca, Vanillary and The Smell of Freedom.  Lust is a sweet jasmine concoction that has  vanilla notes.  The house I grew up in had a huge jasmine plant that bloomed at night. Lust is like that  on a warm night. If you’ve experienced Flying Fox , then the heavy jasmine fragrance will be familiar. I wanted to like Tuca Tuca so much. I think violet is always better in my mind than in reality. The best violet scent I’ve encountered is BPAL’s Ultraviolet, and honestly that may be due to the mint. I love mint like a vampire loves capes. Like Lush’s DaddyO shampoo, the violet here ends up smelling a lot like Play Doh to me. Why do I have that association?  Vanillary smells a lot like the jar of raw sugar and vanilla beans I keep in the kitchen (great on strawberries). The vanilla isn’t too sweet. Tonka bean keeps the scent anchored  with a smoky base. I liked this one much more than I expected to. The Smell of Freedom  hits one of my favorite notes: sandalwood. There’s a woodsy note that isn’t too spicy or overpowering, as well as a lemon or citrus note.  I like a light woodsy or herbal fragrance. I keep sniffing my wrist when I wore this. This is one I’d consider buying in the full-sized bottle.

The perfume vials have a rubber stopper with tiny holes to allow the perfume application. None of my vials have leaked. I appreciated that they made the vials spill-proof. For about $20, I thought this was a good value. The scents in the vials are stronger and longer lasting than the solid perfume sticks.

Up next: Karma, Imogen Rose, Orange Blossom and The Breath of God

Visit Gorilla Perfume at Lush USA.

One Response to “Review: Gorilla Perfume [part I]”

  1. Thanks for the review, I’ll have to try The Smell of Freedom since I can’t get enough sandalwood. An interesting note on violet perfumes. I recently read in A Natural History of the Senses that violets contain a chemical called ionone, which short-circuits our sense of smell.

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