Music for a Monday: The March Violets

I had a cassette tape of The Botanic Verses which I absolutely wore out, driving around town by myself in my little car when I was in my 20s. If you’ve heard just about any of the Cleopatra compilations from the early 90s, you’ve probably heard at least “Snake Dance” and perhaps “Religious As Hell.” The March Violets have that very Reptile House tinny drum machine plus grooving bass sound, which is probably why they were promoted for a time by Andrew Eldritch via Merciful Release, until one of Eldritch’s characteristic fallings-out led to their split with Merciful Release.

A 2007 performance of the song I rewound and listened to over and over:

The big news is that the Violets are reforming. They have a new video for “Dandelion King,” and a new EP available for download. Details at their website:


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