Music for a Monday: The Clan of Xymox

These videos are great examples of old-fashioned big-haired synthy Gothic rock. The Clan of Xymox–once known as simply Xymox–used to get lots of play on a local radio show devoted to “retro-progressive” music. I’m not sure what a strict definition of retro-progressive music is. From the show, I gather it’s mainly music from the 80s with a vaguely dark-synthpop-futuristic vibe such as early Ministry, The Tubeway Army, Nitzer Ebb, Cabaret Voltaire, New Order. Songs you can dance to that are about the end of the world. (I may be entirely wrong about this. Fill me in if you know differently.) The Clan of Xymox leans a little further toward the Cure-influenced on that spectrum of dark synthpop music. These earlier songs have the tinny drum machine sound that united so many of the darkwave artists of the 80s.

“Cold Damp Day,” released in 2003, sounds much more EBM-influenced, as seems to be the dominant direction in current Gothic/darkwave music.

“She Did Not Answer” from the 2011 release Darkest Hour is pretty much straight up Goth-style vox over EBM music. I enjoy this type of music, but I do feel a loss that stems from this sound almost entirely supplanting the drum-machine rock that used to typify the Goth sound.

You can check out the latest news on The Clan of Xymox at


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