Music for a Monday: Peter Murphy

The Cold One himself has a new release out now. I haven’t listened to it yet, but I was fortunate to see him play live not too long ago. It seems I’ll miss his show this year, even though it falls just about on my birthday. I’ve been thinking about how I’ll have to miss this show, and of course all I’m wanting to hear right now is Peter Murphy.

Murphy was always very influenced by Bowie. He was like Bowie’s starveling shadow in the film The Hunger, singing Bela Lugosi’s Dead from behind a chainlink fence. Not quite as controlled and refined as Bowie, there was always an added element of theatricality and punk savagery in Peter Murphy. Listen to “Stigmata Martyr” for an example of what I mean. It’s difficult to imagine Bowie wailing in this possessed way:

Murphy’s androgynous Apollonian appeal even earned him a spot as the silent spokesmodel for Maxell audio tapes:

I understand Murphy has come full circle now to play a vampire himself in one of the Twilight movies. That might–almost–move me to watch one. Almost. Bauhaus in The Hunger:

But why wade through sullen teens when you can have a pure shot of ol’ Indigo Eyes? Let us bask in the voice, the cheekbones, the pick-the-cabbage-kick-the-cabbage dance:

Official Peter Murphy site.


One Response to “Music for a Monday: Peter Murphy”

  1. Minakitty (Mary) Says:

    The best thing about seeing him on the most recent tour (last April), is that he really enjoyed himself. In 1995, he still seemed to be in his “notagoth” phase (complete with Jewel opening), and in 2000 he sounded nice,but like a CD. Plus, he played “All Night Long” as an encore. It was truly a “now I can die happy” evening.

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