Music for a Monday: Dead Can Dance

At first glance, the connection between Goth and this ethereal, multi-culti folk music is not clear. But there has always been a vein of neo-folk in Goth, from Current 93 to Rome (which I highly recommend, by the way). I would have to dig deeper into my material to trace the exact connection. When you hear the music of Dead Can Dance, there’s no question that there is dark beauty and romanticism in this music that would certainly appeal to a Goth. Dead Can Dance may not subscribe to the trappings of the Gothic Rock look, but the darkness of the music speaks for itself.

This video reminds me of the one for New Order’s “True Faith” with the weird avant-garde costumes. I still remember listening to this song while reading Lost Souls. The music is wistful and perhaps too mournful for the whimsical video, but perhaps my personal associations are intruding.

“The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove”–a surefire dancefloor classic–live.

“Cantara” live.

“Persephone.” Lisa’s voice is otherworldly here. I think this is a fan-made video (sorry, I can’t read Spanish).  The visuals beautifully match this song.

Oh, the Irish know how do gloom. “I Am Stretched on Your Grave.” See also Lisa Gerrard’s rendition of “The Wind that Shakes the Barley.”

“Spirit.” Not much to see, but one of my favorite songs by DCD.

Dead Can Dance’s website is currently allowing free downloads of the “Live Happenings–Part 1” EP. Get it here:


One Response to “Music for a Monday: Dead Can Dance”

  1. Your links all go to the first of the playlist rather than individual tracks.

    Dead Can Dance are wonderful, really /wonder/ful.

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