Music for a Monday: The Damned

You may protest that The Damned are a punk band, not a Goth band. For me, there are several artists that are honorary Goths, either due to their subject matter (The Smiths, Morrissey), musical style (Depeche Mode) or overall dark aura (Skinny Puppy). The Damned merges the energy of punk with the dandy Victorian look of goth. Their music combines psychedelia, old-fashioned rock and lyrics glorifying gloom, horror and villainy. Dave Vanian (as in “Transyl-“) appeared on stage in a vampire persona that echoed the look of Bela Lugosi’s Dracula and Max Schrek as the Nosferatu. If there is a singular template from which the look of the modern Gothic-Punk vampire descended, it’s Dave Vanian.

Get your smelling salts ready, ladies and certain gents, here’s Dave Vanian in the shower:

I love this video’s jaunty Dickensian fun times. And check out Rat Scabies in that fancy coat:

Bunnies! Seriously, I love bunnies. A bunny on Dave Vanian’s head? ::dies::


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